Demetrick Pennie, M.A., Ed.D.
Executive Director
My name Demetrick Pennie. I am a seventeen-year veteran sergeant with the Dallas Police Department. I am also the current president and principled architect behind of the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation. I am a strong advocate for education, philanthropy, community engagement, and support for law enforcement. I served four years in the United States Army and maintained a secret security clearance. In 1999, after my service term ended, I became a police officer for the City of Dallas. While working as a police officer, I earned several college degrees – graduating with honors including: Associate degree in Administration of Justice from Honolulu Community College, a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice from Midwestern State University, and a Masters' degree in Counseling from Prairie View A&M University. I recently completed my doctorate degree in Higher Education from Texas Tech University. I am also an adjunct college professor for two major universities specializing in social science doctrine such as: cultural diversity, ethics, and criminal justice. I know it sounds cliché, but I believe that "education is the key to success" and "community service is the cornerstone to social awareness."
Kerri Long
Vice Executive Director/Director of Finance/Treasurer
Officer Kerri C. Long has been with the Tyler Police Department for over 17 years. She has served in various units throughout the department including Patrol Operations and the Criminal Investigation Division. Kerri is currently assigned with the Investigation and Tactical Unit where she serves as a Community Resource Officer. Her responsibilities include the coordination of major public events, community meetings, and organizing direct communication between the police department and its citizens as a liaison for the department within her assigned area. In addition to her regular assigned duties, Kerri is actively engaged and serves the department in a leadership capacity as an Explorer Advisor mentoring the young men and women of the Boy Scouts of America's Explorer Program. Additionally, Kerri serves the department by assisting in safety classes provided to the women of Tyler, Texas. Kerri has received several citations and awards during her service as a Tyler Police Officer. Further, she sits on the board of the East Texas Crime Prevention Association as the Secretary of Treasure which provides both valuable resources not only to the region but to the Tyler citizens as well. Kerri is part of, and is an active member of the East Texas Substance Abuse Coalition where she assists and coordinates in the education of substance abuse and the proper destruction methods for pharmaceutical drugs within the East Texas Area. Kerri is also part of the Fraud Squad with Better Business Bureau for Tyler.
Brittany Mercer
My name is Brittany Mercer. I am a proud founding member of the Texas Fallen Officer Foundation. As an executive board member, dedicated to the organization and its mission, it is truly an honor to be able to support the "heroes in blue" that have sacrificed so much for this nation. I have always respected the service and sacrifice of first responders and serving in this role affords me an opportunity to be directly linked to those who I value so highly. I was born the eldest female of 11 children, which propelled me into a leadership role early in life. Over years, I have embraced my leadership responsibilities and have committed a significant portion of my time to supporting community service initiatives such as John 3:16 Mission and United Way. I hold an Associate Degree in Human Sciences from the Tulsa Community College. I am currently employed full-time as the Director of Catering for Cowboy Chicken in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The Cowboy Chicken organization is a strong supporter of law enforcement, which facilitates my passion for helping law enforcement.
Greymi Rosa
Director of Marketing
Greymi Rosa currently holds the position of 2nd Vice President/Executive Director of Marketing for the Texas Fallen Officers Association. Greymi has worked in Law Enforcement in North Texas for the past 6 years, and currently, he is a Sheriff Deputy with the Collin County Sheriff's Office. Additionally, Greymi has held multiple leadership roles with Fortune 500 retail organizations across the country. Greymi grew up in New York City and South Florida before moving to the North Texas area in 2009. Mr. Rosa has worked for various Fortune 500 companies in executive leadership roles. In his spare time, Greymi enjoys spending time with family, attending his children's sporting events and traveling. Proficient in read, writing and speaking Spanish.
Rob Kyker
Director of Public Relations
Rob Kyker, a West Texas native, is the owner of R&D Sales and CEO of The Crockett Retreat Center. He is an Eagle Scout and Master Mason, with over thirty years of volunteer service to the Boy Scouts of America organization. He is also a national spokesperson for Emergency Preparedness Committee and chairman of the Emergency Preparedness Committee for the Circle Ten District Council of the Boy Scouts of America in Dallas. He has served as a volunteer for the Love of the Lake of White Rock Lake and past coach for the Youth Sports Association of Dallas and a past volunteer for Los Barrios United Community Health Center, the Dallas Down Syndrome Guild and Special Olympics. He serves on the Medal of Honor Dallas board, Veterans Day Parade and Memorial Day Dallas and a volunteer with The North Texas Legion of Valor chapter. Kyker serves as a Commissioner with the Texas Credit Union Department (Chairman of Rules committee). He also served as the Vice Chairman of Texas Juvenile Justice Department. Commissioner for Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Political representative for the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Liaison between TCOLE and the Asian police officers association Serves on senate sub-committee for Veteran Affairs and Military Institutions (Senator Van de Putt) Chairman of the Vietnam Memorial Walkway at HEARTS Military Museum in Huntsville, Texas Board of Director member of HALO for Freedom Warrior Foundation Consultant volunteer with Health and Human Services Commission, for Dept. of Veteran Affairs Volunteer Sons of the Flag Burn Foundation Former Board of Director member of State Bar of Texas and has served on many other political boards and election teams.

Mr. Kyker received a bachelor's and master's degree in Education from Abilene Christian University and post graduate at Texas A&M.
Clinton Emerson
Director Community Relations
Clinton Emerson is a recently retired Navy SEAL Team 6 Member with 20 years of service with the Special Operations community. He spent his military career serving under various Naval Special Warfare Commands as a Special Operator (SEAL). He is also a graduate of the American Military University in Virginia with a B.A., in Security Management. He was involved with various physical and technical surveillance operations in support of USG interests in semi-permissive and denied areas throughout the globe. His key skills are Sea, Air Land Combat Operations Expert; Terror and Counterterrorist Operations, Embassy Operations/Country Team Experienced; Physical & Technical Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Specialist; Special Operations Operator & Team Leader. Clint has received numerous awards for bravery and leadership, including Bronze Stars. Founder and Managing Partner of Escape the Wolf, LLC. His company focuses on workplace violence prevention and response, inspired terrorism identification and crisis management for small to large global companies. He is also author of New York Times best-selling book, 100 Deadly Skills, identifying bad guy tactics in order to increase good people's security posture.
Edward Okpa
Director of Business
Edward Okpa (E. E. Okpa), is the principal of The OKPA Company, LLC, and has been appraising commercial real estate and consulting on international trade for many years. Mr. Okpa graduated from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design with an executive AMDP in Real Estate, and has a Real Estate Securitization certificate from European Business School, a joint program with Harvard University. Mr. Okpa headed the appraisal function for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as Receiver for its central region [eight states] from the late 1980s to mid-1990. He was appointed by Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk to the City of Dallas Permit and License Appeal Board. In 1996, he accompanied then Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk to South Africa/Zimbabwe as part of the Dallas Business and Economic Development Mission. In 2000, they traveled to Costa Rica and Washington D.C., on behalf of Dallas Ambassadors Forum, to invite Ambassadors to Dallas. Mr. Okpa was a candidate for City of Dallas Mayor in the May 2003 General Election. In 2004, Dallas Mayor Laura Miller appointed Mr. Okpa as an ambassador to the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center. In 2006, Mr. Okpa was appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry to the PDSBI of Texas Economic Development Bank. Mr. Okpa has also chaired many state, local government and community committees. Mr. Okpa's philanthropy led him to create a scholarship program at UNT Denton for Real Estate and Journalism. He is also a graduate of the Dallas Police Citizen's Academy and is an Alumni of Dallas FBI Citizens Academy. Mr. Okpa was recognized as a Next Generation Fellow of The American Assembly, by Columbia University.
Anthony Sanders
Regional Director: South Region
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, and I am a graduate of the FBI National Academy – Class #264. I am originally from Gastonia, North Carolina, and a 10-year U.S. Navy Veteran. I have been with the Corpus Christi Police Department for 16 years and have held the rank of Captain since 2012. I have supervised 1 of 4 Patrol Districts within the city as well as CALEA Accreditation Unit, Crime Reduction Unit, which consists of Bike Unit, Directed Patrol Officers, and Code Enforcement. I currently supervise the Field Training Officer Program, and oversee the Honor Guard and Police Explorers Post #133.
Ellis Schramm
Regional Director: Central Texas Region
For 10 years I was a Paramedic in New York City, I had a great understanding of being there for others in some of their most critical times. After working for Emergency Medical Services for many years, I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a police officer, and in 2015 I became a peace officer for Austin, Texas. I am currently assigned to the patrol unit. I found over a short period of time that this line of work had a significant amount of on-duty related injuries and deaths. I felt helpless and wanted to be able to do more for those who lost their lives serving so courageously. I proudly serve this organization to help those officers who serve and are critically injured or killed in the line of duty.