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Texas Fallen Officer Foundation is committed to fulfilling its mission of providing education and advocacy in support of issues impacting law enforcement officers and public safety including raising awareness about impending threats.
Knight to Remember - June 29, 2019
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Texas Fallen Officer Foundation Welcomes Tito's Vodka as Its Newest Sponsor

4th Annual Police Survivors' Dinner

Texas FOF Senior Director Kerri Long Awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Tyler Police Department for organizing the relief effort throughout several regions of Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey

After Florida school massacre, what about regulating social media companies to keep us safe?
By Demetrick Pennie, Eric Feinberg
February 20, 2018

Fox News - Following the Wednesday shooting at a Florida high school that took 17 lives, gun control activists and Second Amendment advocates are predictably arguing about the causes of such horrible violence and what to do next. We should not overlook the big role that social media companies play.

Nikolas Cruz – the 19-year-old who has confessed to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida – posted disturbing material on social media before his attack, authorities said. His posts reportedly included discussing his desire to kill someone, along with hateful messages threatening violence against African-Americans, Jews and gay people, according to media reports.

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Tyler Police Department holds community meeting about recent car burglaries, break-ins
TYLER MORNING TELEGRAPH - A recent string of car burglaries prompted the Tyler Police Department to host a community meeting to rally residents together to prevent property crimes.

About 50 residents came out Thursday to the Faulkner Park Police Station to meet with officers from the department to discuss the ongoing problem in the city.

"I came to get informed about what's been going on," H.V. Bordeaux said. "I wanted to know how to take care of my property."

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DPD Sergeant Demetrick Pennie Hosts 4th Annual Police Survivors' Dinner
DALLAS, Dec. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ - Dallas Police Sergeant Demetrick Pennie and the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation held their 4th Annual Police Survivors' Dinner at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, Texas. This event was attended by several business owners, police survivor families and law enforcement professionals. The key note speakers for the event were Captain Chad Fleming (U.S. Army Ranger) and Detective Ed Dolan (President of the Jersey City Police Detective's Benevolent Association).

Despite the poor weather conditions, the event was a resounding success. Over 110 guests arrived at the hotel to show their support for the police survivors. There were families and supporters from across the United States including: California, New Jersey and Florida. During the event, 18 families were honored by the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation and the Texas Fallen Officer Foundation.

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Social Media’s Threat to Law Enforcement
By Demetrick Pennie, M.A., Ed.D. (July 18, 2018, The Blue Magazine) - In 2016, while researching the influences of social media on the emergence of radicalized groups in America, I noticed empirical trends in how Facebook, Google and Twitter were being used to incite violence against police and how extremist messages promoting violence against police were not being censored by the social media platforms – instead, the companies allowed the threatening content to remain online and proliferate across platforms even after it had been reported several times. Though legislators acknowledged that the content posed a threat to homeland security interests, many ignored the complaints because their political campaigns were funded by the platforms.

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Dallas Police attack déjà vu
By Demetrick Pennie and Eric Feinberg (July 7, 2018, The Hill) - Déjà vu is a premonition of reliving a past lived experience. Oftentimes, the emotions experienced during déjà vu are reflective of the same emotions experienced during the actual crisis. For us, the sentiments are reminiscent of the period surrounding the July 7, 2016 shooting attack in Dallas, Texas that claimed lives of five police officers during a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest.

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Section 230 Of The CDA Must Align With The 21st Century (By Demetrick Pennie)
LAW360, NEW YORK (July 26, 2017) - In 1996, Congress pursued a measure to prevent children from being exposed to sexual content online. The legislative policy was outlined in 47 U.S.C § 230, formally known as the Communications Decency Act of 1996. Based on provisions outlined in the CDA, it was obvious that...

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North Texans provide overwhelming help for Harvey victims - North Texans are coming together to help the victims of Harvey.

Some people from the Houston area are also in North Texas doing what they can to help in Dallas.

The Trusted World drop off location at 15660 North Dallas Parkway has seen so many people dropping off items and offering help, it’s been tying up traffic.

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Texas Fallen Officer Foundation helps to organize "line of honor" for son of fallen officer at graduation
SAN ANTONIO – To honor a fallen brother, more than 50 San Antonio Police Department officers from all over the city joined together to remind one graduate he will always have his family in blue.

In September of 2007, Detective Mario Moreno died courageously in the line of duty attempting to serve a suspect in a shooting with an arrest warrant.

"Personally, a lot of officers knew detective Moreno. He was a family man and an amazing officer," Officer Tre Serrano, spokesman for the Texas Fallen Officer's Foundation, said.

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Browns running back Isaiah Crowell donates to Texas Fallen Officer Foundation
CLEVELAND - Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell has made good on a promise from July by donating more than $10,000 to the Texas Fallen Officer Foundation.

Crowell announced in July he'd be donating to the foundation after he posted on Instagram, and then removed, an image of a police officer getting his throat slit.

After screenshots of the photo went viral, he personally apologized to Cleveland police and then announced in a video that he would donate his first paycheck to the fund, saying: "Last week, like so many others, I was frustrated and upset about what's going on in our country," he said in the video. "During that emotion I did something that I wish I could take back. I posted a really disgusting, bad picture and I took it down immediately because I knew I was wrong."

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